Beautiful Pet Portraits to help the Humane Society, Holubek Photography, Greenwood, SC

Holubek Photography is excited to help the Greenwood Humane Society with a fundraiser that everyone loves and talks about.  It’s been seven years since we started this and each phone starts off with me getting so excited hearing the funny stories, unusual habits and crazy situations these dogs get into.  Then there are the heart breaking stories where the pets are holding on to each day, but have been by their owners sides for ten or more years.  I’m always so emotionally moved and love when we can gently persuade the pet owner to get in the portrait too.  Animals are part of our family and there’s no one else that always acts as happy to see me as my furry friends.

We love working with everyone and helping them decide the best outfits to wear, shoes and jewelry included, and actually we ask them to bring several to chose from it they’re not sure.  When they arrive I have to be calm, SUPER calm.  The dogs get crazy excited with my hyper personality and in no time they can be running laps around the studio.  So, basically I ignore them and let them wonder through sniffing everything until they realize that they are not hear to play.  Shadow, in the picture above is One year and 2 month, he was here for an adventure, however calmed down enough for this beautiful pet portrait.  Honestly, he looks like a white fox, and this portrait belongs in a magazine.

The special for pets will last two more days, until August 31st.  Anyone who donates $99 to the Greenwood Humane Society will receive a gift valued at $250 from Holubek Photography, Greenwood, SC.  This covers the pet portrait session and $125 towards the purchase of your favorite images.  Visit their website  Greenwood Humane Society , click the Donate button, and we will contact you to schedule and plan your session.  The Pet Portraits to help the Humane Society by Holubek Photography, Greenwood, SC, has raised $700 and with two more days to go we’re hoping to hit $1000.


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