Greenwood Humane Society Fundraiser and a real Champ

This beautiful Lab, Champ, came in for portraits the last time we held a Humane Society Fundraiser; he was gentle, sweet and loved his owner, Delane Tomlinson.  I’m such an animal lover that my excitement had to be controlled and my baby talk cut out, so that he didn’t get too hyper.  Our pet sessions are some of the more difficult session because of my personality.  I’m goofy, loud, extremely excitable, and emotional.  Thinking back on this portrait I’m overwhelmed with emotions.  See, Champ passed away within 8 months of this photograph, and now Delane had this memory to always love.  I’m so glad we were able to capture this moment, and so many others from that day.  Now we’re doing it again!  Yes, I’ll have to control myself, the goofy, loud, excitable, crazy animal lover, so that I can spend 20 minutes with your Furry Friends grabbing this special time so that it will last forever.

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Furry Friends, a Greenwood Humane Society fundraiser, is sponsored and held at Holubek Photography.  All pets are photographed in a professional portrait studio and must arrive on a leash.  Portrait dates are February 25th – 27th and sessions are set up 20 minutes apart.  The session fee is $60 and owners will receive a complimentary 5×7.  A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Humane Society.  Six years ago we donated over $1500 to the Humane Society and hopefully this time, with your help, we’ll top that.

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  1. Delane Tomlinson February 4, 2016 at 9:44 pm

    Karen Holubek is an amazing photographer, and more importantly an awesome person with a big heart for animals!!! I absolutely cherish the sweet moments of time she captured so beautifully of all four of my furr-babies, but especially of Champ!! Time with them goes by too fast so I strongly encourage everyone to schedule a session with her!! She makes it so easy and fun .. and the best part is meeting with her afterwards to view all the pictures!! It is so hard to choose from because they are all so beautiful!! I love that she is sharing her talents on such a wonderful fundraiser for my favorite charity, HSOG!! xoxo

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