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Do you realize as the business owner you are the face of your business.  That’s why having a professional headshot is essential.  Taking a photo with your phone’s camera isn’t the way to go.  Read on to get several great reasons from a professional headshot photographer.

A Professional Headshot is Useful for Market and Branding

A catchy logo or tagline may seem important, but branding your business with a professional headshot is an emotional tie that connects you with your customers.  Your face is the company brand, therefore making your headshot a significant part of your marketing campaign.

Gives Your Business a Personal Touch

By having a professional headshot for your business, you give your business a personal touch.  Most people what to see a photo of the person with whom they’re doing business.  When you include a headshot on your website, your business becomes more personal, making it look more human.

Important Considerations

  • Use a headshot that shows who you are now rather than a photo of yourself when you were younger. It’s best to be honest about your age.
  • Be sure to update your headshot when your appearance changes.
  • The average shelf life of a headshot is about every town years.
  • Talk with your photographer about color preferences for your background.
  • Be sure to get a high resolution photo that can be used both in print and online.

For a high quality professional headshot in South Carolina call Holubek Photography.  We will work with you to create the professional image you need for your business and marketing material.  Clothing choices are important and we will help you with your choices. At Holubek Photography we also offer professional hair and makeup styling which can be key to a polished and professional look.

Holubek Photography is located in Greenwood, South Carolina and specializes in professional headshot portraits, senior photography, families, children and commercial services.  Contact Us.

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