//Birthday Fun! Holubek Photography Children’s Portraits – South Carolina Photographer

Birthday Fun! Holubek Photography Children’s Portraits – South Carolina Photographer

When you turn three it’s a requirement to celebrate your birthday in a special way.  This portrait is pure fun and we were so excited to celebrate with Jake.  His mother, Suzy, had known since February that a huge puddle would be the stage for birthday portraits, and puddles are usually easy to come by in South Carolina.  Jake  loves, I mean seriously LOVES his rain boots.  She says it’s the first thing he puts on in the morning, and some nights he doesn’t even take them off, and that’s a huge clue to how a birthday portrait should play out.

Yes, I said play!  Holubek Photography Greenwood, South Carolina, believes children’s portraits should capture who your child at that moment.  They’ll have many years to grow up and be adults, but right now let them be them.  How does the saying go… you do you, I love that.  Jake did just that, he jumped, ran, and pretended he was a duck.  At first a little timid, oh maybe for 20 seconds, then we were trying to slow him down.  I’m sure you noticed, we had a ginormous puddle, for Jake it was like a football field puddle.  Thank goodness it rained today – I mean really rained, and just by chance I decided to check out this spot.  Isn’t it strange when you hear that voice (I hope you hear it, or at this point you think I’m totally weird!)

It didn’t take long to get this amazing shot.  He wanted to jump and we just let him go.  Birthday’s are special, they don’t stay this size very long, and in no time the puddles are gone, the $5 rain boots are replaced with $200 beans, and the jumping becomes jumping into the car to leave.  Holubek Photography photographs throughout South Carolina, Children, high school seniors, families and commercial head shots.  Even when your past three, we try to keep it fun, we want you to relax and be yourself.  South Carolina has many beautiful locations to go have fun and we would love to meet you there for fun beautiful portraits.

Holubek Photography Greenwood, South Carolina specializes in high school seniors pictures, children, families, and commercial photographs. See more stories on our Blog.

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