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I love to watch the colors change each season. This time of year is beautiful and the weather is perfect for outdoor fall family pictures.  Golden afternoons in September and October allow additional time for portraits before the time changes in November, but what should you wear?  There are several simple guidelines to help make outdoor family portraits fun and enjoyable.

Consider the Weather

In South Carolina September can still be hot and October a bit cooler.  Lightweight scarves can add personality to your photo’s without the bulk of large jackets earlier in the fall season.  Look around and notice the colors outdoors, fall is for earth tones therefore orange, browns and greens work well.  If you’re in front of a fall colored tree, warm hues work better than cool tones.

Coordinate Clothing

Think about your family as one person and style accordingly.  Patterns, plaids and polka dots are great to mix and match to add fashion flair, but everything should coordinate as if it were on one person.  Throw it all on your bed and squint your eyes, does anything stand out?  If it’s too bright consider something different and possibly toning it down.  Consider wearing two or three colors to keep it simple and coordinate easily. Also, don’t forget about footwear.  Many times shoes will show in a family portrait and should compliment your outfit.

Consider where your portrait will hang in your home

Look around your room and consider the color of your walls, furniture and curtains.  Having a outdoor fall family picture that blends with your home makes your portrait look like a master piece on your walls.  There are beautiful warm colors and as fall fades they become neutral tones, which works with your decor?

The main point is to showcase who you are as a family and your clothing, setting, and style should reflect that.  We are happy to consult with you on outdoor fall family pictures.  Holubek Photography is a professional photography studio and  is located in Greenwood, South Carolina, approximately one hour from Augusta Georgia, Columbia, Greenville and Spartanburg SC. Contact us Here.

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