Professional hair, make-up and photo shoot for teenage girls to help build confidence at Summer Circle confidence camp

Over the past five years Holubek Photography’s Senior Model Program worked with several children’s home to provide their middle school girls a fun professional photo shoot with hair and make-up to build confidence in young teens.  We have worked at Connie Maxwell Greenwood, SC,  Thornwell Home for Children in Clinton, SC  and also visited National Heath Cares local facility spreading cheer, great lighting and amazing pictures.  This year we were to partner with the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce Women’s Leadership Council and Chunsta Miller the manager at Belk Greenwood to give 30 middle school Summer Circle campers make-overs and a professional photo shoot.

Eight high school seniors arrived at 8:30 am, July 25th atConnie Maxwell to help organize and set up for the day.  We LOVE our Belk and can’t say enough great things about Chunsta Miller who brought in an entire make-up counter for us to assemble.  The seniors were unpacking mascara wands, blush colors, lip gloss samples, cotton balls, and the list goes on.  Holubek Photography provided hair products – lets see – hair spray, hair gel, hair oil, dry shampoo, brushes, combs, curling irons, straighten irons, wands, I’m sure you get the point.  It looked like a professional salon had set up in the middle of the Summer.  Holubek Photography is known for providing professional hair and make-up for our customers, so we brought it all on location.  Oh, I almost forgot about the studio strobe lights, backdrop, and of course me, the photographer running, posing, and showing each girl the back of the camera so that she could see how amazing she looked. It was a super busy day, and at 4:00 we packed it all up and headed home.

Friday was graduation day for the campers and three of our senior leaders returned to hand each girl three 5×7 beautiful portrait prints from their photoshoot.  To say they were excited wouldn’t be enough – they were screaming, running, and showing everyone their amazing pictures.  Maybe makeup, hairspray and a photo shoot seems a like the wrong way to teach confidence to teenage girls, but when you see someone feel amazing about themselves and authintically happy, you know you’ve sparked something inside of them that will continue to grow.  And now a month later when I hear a story about a single parent father picking up his daughter from camp that Tuesday and the confidence that exuded from her as she stepped into his truck,  makes it all worth while.  See, this dad said he didn’t know how to talk to his daughter about this kind of stuff and Summer Circle came along with the perfect program at the perfect time.  Thank you Women’s Leadership Council, Greenwood Chamber of Commerce and Belks, together we’re making a difference.


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