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I love my job and I love photographing for senior pictures in Spartanburg, South Carolina – yes, my home town!  Growing up in Spartanburg definitely gives me an edge on finding amazing places.  High School Seniors are amazed by all of the wonderful locations within several block of each other in the down town area.  As a senior picture photographer, my eyes are always open for new and interesting locations and Spartanburg has open fields, amazing graffiti walls, and an amazing urban feel. So how should you prepare for senior pictures – where ever you are?

How to plan the perfect Senior Portrait Session with your Photographer

Review your photographers style of shooting and editing….. do you love it. Is this how you want your senior pictures to look.  Are they a professional and know how to light you for amazing pictures.  Skin should be beautiful, and light eye-catching.

Contact your photographer and discuss the type of looks you want for the photo shoot. I say go with variety.  Something sporty, urban grunge, romantic country and one outfit amazing formal. Each of these outfits should say something about who you are and your style.  At Holubek Photography we will discuss your outfit and review each look to suggest the perfect location. Everyone has their own style and we want yours to shine.

Schedule a time for your photography session when you will not be stressed and in a rush to get to the appointment.  At Holubek Photography we can provide professional hair and makeup if this is something you are not comfortable doing yourself. We will also work with you on natural and flattering poses, and also have you jump and act goofy for a few super fun shots.  We want to capture who you really are – even your fun side with that crazy big laugh.

Plan to work with your senior picture photographer in several outfits.  When at different destinations plan on changing clothes in the car – this means bringing your closet with you.  When you have planned out your locations it’s easy to prepare for the next shoot.  Stay organized and by the end of the day you may be tired, but you’re going to have amazing senior pictures, and if you’re in Spartanburg they are going to be awesome.

Holubek Photography is located in Greenwood, South Carolina.  Karen specializes in high school senior pictures and portraits.  She travels throughout South Carolina to meet her clients and interesting locations.  Recent locations include Spartanburg, Greenville, Ninety Six, and Greenwood, South Carolina.  If you would like additional information please CONTACT US.  The address is 125 Puckett’s Pointe Road, Greenwood, SC.


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