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It’s so exciting to work with high school teens for their senior pictures here in Greenwood, SC.   Early November leaves are at their peak, the humidity is low, and the brisk breeze in the air is perfect for South Carolina Photographer, Karen Holubek, to take clients to amazing locations for senior pictures.

Styling for Professional Portraits

Kellynn’s portrait session started out at Holubek Photography in Greenwood, SC.  We decided before she arrived that we would style her hair.  Loose curls that create extra volume, frame her face perfectly.  We always recommend added volume for senior pictures, or actually for any style of professional portraits. Depending on the look desired, makeup can be dramatic or simple and natural.

Locations for Senior Pictures

After her styling session we headed out to find brightly colored leaves, old barns, and rustic tin buildings.  Kellynn’s outfits were selected by professional photographer, Karen Holubek, for each location.  Shoes, jewelry, jeans, jackets and tops were mixed and matched to enhance Kellynn’s face in her senior pictures at each location in Greenwood, SC.

The day unfolded naturally as Kellynn changed outfits and we photographed several locations.  There were times when driving past an amazing site, we would stop the car abruptly, get out bursting energy and excitement.  The creative energy in these moments flows wildly through my veins.  When I lose myself in the moment of creating, rather than thinking about every move, I know whether I’m in Greenwood, Laurens, Clinton, or California, it doesn’t matter because energy is right.

Model and Photographer Creating Together

Everything is based on a feeling.  When you and your client are working together, the art you are producing (beautiful senior pictures) is going to be amazing because you are both artists… the model and the photographer.

It’s a process, each step along the way is preparing the teenager for a fun and artistic experience for their senior pictures.  At Holubek Photography, Professional Photographer Karen Holubek, guides you through each step.  Outfit selection, professional hair and makeup, posing, location selection and finally putting it all together so that one day you look back and remember this special time in your life, fun experience, and how beautiful you were inside and out. Read more on the BLOG.

For those of you near Vine Grove, Kentucky, there is a great photographer who specializes in senior portraits, Josh Astor Portrait & Design, check him out!

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