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Competitive cheerleading has become super popular.  Sports Photographer, Holubek Photography, has worked with with several amazing cheerleaders from Greenville, SC.  Anna Larson Brady cheers for Rockstar Cheer and Dance in Greenville, South Carolina on the Beetles team.  Her amazing tumbling ability helped earn her a spot on Team iC.  Holubek Photography a sports and cheerleading sports photographer has worked with several amazing Rockstar Cheerleaders to showcase their incredible sports ability.

Cheerleading Photography

As with any sports photography we ask each athlete to bring everything they use with the sport.  For a photography each and every part of your body may show, therefore be prepared with hair bows to shoes.  Uniforms, jackets, poms, and moms, yes moms, are very important to remember for your cheerleading sports pictures.  There have been times with players thought their shoes wouldn’t show and therefore didn’t bring them, big mistake.  A professional cheerleading sports photographer wants every athlete to be prepared as though they are going on the field, court or competition.

Shooting Cheerleading Jumps

Cheerleading jumps can be tricky because your timing has to be perfect.  Be sure to work with a photographer who you feel comfortable with and will count out when to begin or show you the back of the camera.  By doing this the cheerleader can see the little mistakes that need to be corrected.  Many times this means straightening and arm or leg, and sometimes it means opening your eyes and smiling big.  Cheerleading Sports photographer, Holubek Photography has worked with several Rockstar cheerleaders from Greenville, Greenwood, and Spartanburg, South Carolina.  It is very important to these girls that the picture look technically correct, so we let them be the judge and work along with them.  Studio strobe lights help stop the action and it looks amazing to see a great lit photograph of a cheerleader.

Holubek Photography is located in Greenwood, SC, and works with clients throughout South Carolina.  Holubek Photography specializes in capturing sports so that one day you can remember these glory days, and better than remembering, you’ll have an amazing sports photography to prove it. See additional sports photographs here.



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