Fall Family Photo Session, What to Wear, Holubek Photography, Greenwood, SC

One of the most common questions I always asked is what to wear to their family photo session.  Coordinating  your outfits can feel like an overwhelming task, but it down’t have to be.  There are several simple guidelines listed below to inspire you.

1. Choose two main colors you love and develop your color scheme around them.

The brightest color should be used sparingly, this is your accent color. An example would be grays and golds for your main colors.  Gold would be your accent color and therefore you would use it less.  When selecting your two colors think about your home furnishings and the accent colors you’re using in the room where your portrait will be displayed.

2.  Add layers!

Fall family photo sessions look great with layers such as scarves, blazers, tights and cardigans. Keep in mind your two main colors and have fun. Denim jackets, and sleeveless vests, and stylish ways to make the outfit more interesting.

3.  Don’t forget accessories for any family photo session!

Stylish necklaces, headbands and shoes can be great items for adding your accent color into your outfit. Cute hats and flower bands can add tons of flair to kids outfits! Shoes are important!  First they must coordinate and be season appropriate, this is a great place to add in the accent color.

When it’s time to put it all together place it on the bed – all of the outfits and accessories – does everything work together?  Does it coordinate?  Would you see this in a magazine? These are questions I ask myself.  When selecting what to wear for Fall family photo sessions don’t wait until the last minute and if you have any questions please contact your photographer.  At Holubek Photography we like to work with you on outfit selection.  Several of our clients have sent text or brought their clothing selection over prior to the photo session.  We want you to look amazing and feel good about your clothing.

Holubek Photography is currently scheduling Fall family photo sessions.  We are located in Greenwood, South Carolina which is near Laurens, McCormick, Ware Shoals, and Ninety Six.



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